Alloy Extrusion Cold Extrusion Process

Alloy Extrusion Cold extrusion process

When the technical progress, the production of parts can be more than commonly used car processing, machining two, another addition to a choice, that is, extrusion through the alloy is part extrusion. The technology involved in this process is the cold extrusion process, which has a significant effect on the improvement of production efficiency and the improvement of part quality.

     1, alloy extrusion cold extrusion process for a wide range

    Cold extrusion process is developed on the basis of traditional metal plastic processing, it can be parts to achieve the desired shape and size, is an important means of processing parts. At present, the automotive, electronic communications, light industry, construction, aerospace, military, household hardware and other manufacturing industries, alloy extrusion and its cold extrusion process has a key role.

        2, through the alloy extrusion to achieve the advantages of cold extrusion in the technical

     The use of alloy extrusion to achieve the cold extrusion of parts, not only easy to operate, the entire process easy to grasp, but also get a high production efficiency. Such as water for some machining difficult to adapt to the material, the use of cold extrusion, the productivity has been greatly improved.

        3, alloy extrusion cold extrusion process reflects the economic advantages

     The cold extrusion process is actually a metal-plastic forming process which enables the plastic transfer of the metal volume without destroying the metal, thereby achieving deformation and obtaining the shape and size. This process, not only does not produce chips, significant savings in raw materials, but also to achieve energy-saving purposes. Especially for large parts, the alloy extrusion cold extrusion process can reduce the consumption of many materials.

Alloy extrusion process, due to various factors, the parts prone to failure phenomenon, and the performance of these phenomena are different, so you have to pay a lot of effort to deal with. We first have to know what parts of the alloy extrusion parts of the form, in order to develop the appropriate treatment program.

One of the failure modes of the alloy extrusion machine parts is the overall fracture, that is, when the part is subjected to some external loads, the dangerous cross section will cause fatigue fracture, including the guide column fracture, bolt break, etc. More serious failure.

While the residual deformation is too large, although the alloy extrusion parts of the failure form, but the situation is not so serious fracture, including residual deformation, shaft bending, gland deformation. And sometimes, the alloy squeeze the parts only in the surface was destroyed, there are some corrosion, wear, or contact fatigue.