Alloy Extrusion Plastic Forming Equipment

Alloy Extrusion Plastic forming equipment

Aluminum alloy processing time, often used in the extrusion process, and the corresponding processing equipment is aluminum alloy extrusion machine. Which kind of technology and this equipment, which will be better? To recommend to you is the machinery and equipment factory.

Aluminum alloy extrusion process is very simple principle, is the aluminum alloy blanks placed in the plastic molding equipment on the mold cavity, and its application of a certain pressure and speed, so that the aluminum alloy blank plastic flow, from the Cavity in a specific die hole extrusion, access to the required cross-sectional shape and size, and has a certain mechanical properties of aluminum alloy extrusion parts,

Compared to other processes, aluminum alloy extrusion is a small part, and no cutting process, a lot of metal plastic processing will be used. For aluminum alloy compression process, its success or failure and die structure design mold materials and softening of metal blanks are closely related.

Aluminum alloy extrusion process forming a wide range of speed, it can be carried out in a dedicated extrusion press, can also be in the general crank press or hydraulic press, friction presses and high-speed hammer and other equipment, the effect of how much The difference.

Aluminum alloy extrusion has many characteristics, mainly in the extrusion deformation process stress and strain state, metal flow behavior, product quality, production flexibility and diversity, production efficiency and cost and so on. Of course, we must also recognize the shortcomings of aluminum alloy extrusion, such as product organization performance, working conditions, production efficiency.

On the one hand, you can reduce the running frequency of the inverter by collecting the required pressure analog signal, thus reducing the unwanted work of the extruder. And as the device itself, it can also be in the need to match the capacity of the oil pressure, the appropriate to reduce the motor running frequency, can greatly save energy.

On the other hand, if the use of inverter, then not only on the extruder to play a perfect protection function, the energy efficiency of the device to achieve a great help. In addition, to strengthen the maintenance of equipment, motor protection, but also how much energy to play a role.