Alloy Extrusion Pressure Forming

Alloy Extrusion Pressure forming

Metal extrusion machine features and uses what? We know that metal extrusion machine is the most important equipment for metal extrusion processing. Metal extrusion is the use of metal plastic pressure forming an important method.

Metal extruder features

Once the metal ingot is machined into tubes, rods, and profiles, there is virtually no other way to match it overnight. Beautiful, elegant building decoration materials; aircraft flying over the continents and oceans; spacecraft and space stations for human exploration of outer space; backbone materials used in various fields such as railways, subways, light railways, maglev vehicles, Are closely related with the extrusion process. Extruders bring convenience to people's work at the same time as the user also have to strengthen its maintenance and repair, the following is a summary of some of the small series of extruder maintenance and repair techniques, I hope everyone masters. As far as routine work is concerned, it is imperative to care for the extruder in a timely manner, in particular to maintain its cleanliness. When cleaning, the key position is the pump's filter, but also to protect the pump plate and pump body. No matter how good the suction pipe sealing conditions, pumps have a certain suction situation, so I have to pay special attention to the fuel tank.

The maintenance of the equipment is to experience the accumulation, so usually more to observe the operation of the machine, often testing machine pressure and atmospheric pressure, the ampere meter to the three current electric motor to protect the normal operation, so as not to burn the motor or motor Overloading causes a sudden shutdown, minimizing the occurrence of faults. Aluminum profile processing, often use the extrusion process, and the corresponding processing equipment is aluminum extrusion machine. Which kind of craft and this apparatus will be better? Recommended to everyone is machinery and equipment manufacturing plant.

Aluminum alloy extrusion process is very simple principle, that is, aluminum alloy blank into plastic molding equipment installed in the mold cavity, and to exert a certain pressure and speed, so as to force the aluminum alloy blank produce plastic flow, from the Cavity in a specific die hole extrusion, to obtain the desired cross-sectional shape and size, and has a certain mechanical properties of aluminum extrusion,

Compared to other processes, aluminum extrusion is a small part, and no cutting process, a lot of metal plastic processing will be used. For the aluminum alloy pressure process, its success or failure of the mold structure and design of metal mold material softening treatment is closely related.

Aluminum alloy extrusion process forming a wide range of speed, it can be carried out in a dedicated extrusion press, but also in the general crank or hydraulic press, friction presses and high-speed hammer and other equipment, the effect is somewhat The difference.

Aluminum profile extrusion has many characteristics, mainly in the process of extrusion and deformation of stress and strain, metal flow behavior, product quality, production flexibility and diversity, production efficiency and cost and so on. Of course, we must also recognize the shortcomings of extruded aluminum profiles, such as product performance, working conditions, production efficiency.