Extruder Screw

Usually you could say so, screw extruder's most important components, determine the maturation of extruder and paste function not only strength, but also to determine the final quality of the finished product. Different screw, extrusion of different functions. Screw extrusion function depends on the design parameters of screw. Design parameters of screw.

Thread pitch (t), is the distance between two adjacent points on the contour of the thread; female threaded swivel 1 week, thread up promoting the distance of the axis (pitch n) to multiples of the thread pitch measurement, known as the forward channel number, or screw. Single-threaded screw, screw thread pitch; a double thread screw, thread pitch pitch equal to twice times; three threaded screw, pitch is equal to three times the thread pitch. Multiple thread screw, can increase capacity and viscous flow (Qd). Screw during continuous mixing and transport of materials, mechanical friction and heat generated screw, which items are melting.