Extrusion Press By All Aspects

Extrusion Press By all aspects

Extruder use process, due to various factors, the failure of its parts prone to phenomenon, and the manifestations of these phenomena are different, so you have to deal with some effort. We must first know what parts of the extruder performance, in order to formulate the appropriate treatment options.

One of the failure forms of the mechanical parts of the extruder is the overall fracture, that is, the fatigue fracture occurs in the dangerous cross-section of the part when it is subjected to some external load, including the fracture of the guide column, the fracture of the bolt and the like, More serious failure.

The residual deformation is too large, although the failure of the form of the extruder parts, but the situation did not fracture as serious, including residual deformation, shaft bending, gland deformation. In some cases, the parts of the extruder are only damaged on the surface, with some corrosion, wear, or contact fatigue.

Those familiar with the basic structure of the extruder should be aware that at the end of the screwdriver the die is usually fitted with a molded platen with holes of various shapes and this is what we often call a die. In addition, in order to meet the molding press extrusion molding material, you must also install the cutting mechanism. What are the effects of these two components on the extruder?

In extruders, the presence of the die has the dual function of molding the extrudate into the desired shape on the one hand and, on the other hand, as a spoiler to increase the extruder maturation zone pressure. Therefore, to determine the geometry of the die hole, extrusion product appearance and quality have a very important role.

At present, there are many types of extruder dies that have been developed and applied, including one-way molded dies of various types of perforations, such as cylindrical perforation die, slot die, annular die die, and Two-way molding die, which can be processed into a double color or double flavor of extruded products.

The interception of the role of the extruder in the press is extruded after the material, according to the required length of the uniform cut into neat surface products. In this process, the length of the cut-off depends mainly on the cutter speed; the faster the cutter speed, the shorter the cut-off length.

It will also relate to the uniformity of cut-off material in the extruder cut-off mechanism to a large extent depending on the gap distance between the cutter and the die, and the gap distance should be less than 0.2 mm to ensure that the cuttings ; But also can not exceed 0.5mm, in order to avoid the blade and the die between the formation of high frictional resistance.