Extrusion Press Different Types Of Extruders

Extrusion Press Different types of extruders

Aluminum extruder, it will be the object of the following explanation, because it is not just one of the types of extruder, but also an important point, it is also one of the site products and keywords, so it is important Treat, and seriously carry out their learning work, so that there will be a good learning effect, and at the same time, to further understand and understand the different types of extruder.

1. After the aluminum extruder model is known, can we know the profile size? And, 6063 profiles, the extrusion ratio, is generally controlled in the number of areas?

 Aluminum profile extruder, when you know the specific model, it is possible to know the specific profile size, because the extruder model is different, the corresponding profile size, is not the same. For example, a 630-ton aluminum extruder, which can be extruded on an aluminum rod diameter, is 90mm.

 6063 profiles, the extrusion ratio, if, from a professional point of view, it is generally in the range of 30 to 150, and is to be strictly controlled.

2. Is the choice of aluminum extruder, whether or not the profile size is an important aspect? The choice of aluminum extrusion machine, which should take into account the factors that are a lot, which is included in the profile of this one, so, on this question, the answer is yes. And, if there is profile of the relevant drawings, then, is to help this kind of extruder the correct choice.

 3. For the operator, to achieve the correct operation of aluminum extrusion machine, mainly related to several specific aspects?

The operator of the equipment, if you want to achieve the correct operation of the aluminum extrusion machine, then it should be from its preparation work, equipment operation and equipment shutdown of these three aspects to achieve the requirements, and then, to achieve The above objectives. Moreover, it can be said that this is also must be done, is not sloppy and taken lightly.

  Extruder in the aluminum extrusion machine, which can be said to be a common type, in all types of extruder. So, if the air into the aluminum, then, after its squeeze through the extruder, it will have serious consequences? As well as its specific reasons So now, immediately to answer these questions, so that everyone through learning, to clearly understand.

If there is residual air inside the aluminum, then the surface will be bubbles. Moreover, when it is pressurized by an aluminum extruder, it can lead to serious defects in the finished product, thus making the aluminum material become waste and producing waste, which will greatly reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. Therefore, to avoid is. So, what are the reasons for that? Below, will come to the specific analysis and explain.

 Cause one: long sticks hot cut on the issue of aluminum extruder before the long stick hot cut, then, the formation of the cut surface, is not without any problems, will not be absolutely perfect and vertical , It is possible, there will be bending and other issues, or produce chamfer, and chamfer, it is likely to cause air residue.