Extrusion Press Extruder Accuracy

Extrusion Press Extruder accuracy

How to improve the accuracy of aluminum extrusion machine

Aluminum extrusion machine is divided into positive kneading and reverse kneading two, and now most of the positive kneading machine is used, the scientific principle is the principle of hydraulic press, from the kneading machine structure to analyze: we generally put Kneading machine is divided into three parts: the master cylinder, the plate (kneading barrels), kneading rod.

The master cylinder is a hydraulic device, the hydraulic oil through the big piston pressure to the small piston, pushing the kneading rod, will be heated by the aluminum rod to push the kneading bucket, after reaching the exhaust pressure kneading barrels back exhaust, and then travel and mold Cavity bonding, to reach the material pressure, kneading rod together will be kneading barrels of aluminum into the mold diversion hole, aluminum alloy gradually out of mold through the molding.

The longitudinal and horizontal horizontal of the base rail should not exceed 0.05 / 1000; aluminum extrusion machine or large, after repair, it is necessary to pay attention to the parallelism of the two rails: the length of the guide rail should not be carried out on the device accuracy detection and Adjust, so that the accuracy of more than 0.lmm specifications or planning requirements.

When there is precision, how to improve the speed of aluminum kneading machine? As the kneading machine tonnage, the complexity of the mold section shape, aluminum rod heating temperature and other factors for the appropriate adjustment, so that the speed can be a certain increase. Operation steps and main points of aluminum extrusion machine

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The use of aluminum extrusion machines includes devices, adjustments, commissioning, operation, protection and repair and a series of links, although seemingly cumbersome, in fact only need to follow the instructions on the operation can be. However, it is necessary for the operator to understand the structural characteristics of the aluminum kneading machine operated by himself, to properly grasp the kneading technical conditions and to operate the machine correctly. There are many types of kneading machines, although the key to the operation is different, but also has its similarities. Today we have to specifically introduce the aluminum kneading machine operation process and the key.

First, before the start of the preparatory work

1, for kneading the molding of plastic. Raw materials should reach the desired boring request and need to be further boring if necessary. And the material sieved to remove agglomerated aggregates and mechanical impurities.

2, see the equipment in the water, electricity, gas system is not normal to ensure that water, gas road to clear, do not leak, electrical system is not normal, heating system, temperature control, a variety of appearance is not reliable; Low-speed test operation, the investigation equipment is not normal operation; launch stereotypes vacuum pump, the investigation is not normal operation; lubrication in a variety of equipment lubrication. Such as the timely detection of failure.

3, installed head and stereotypes sets. According to the type of goods, size, selected head specifications. Install the head in the following order.