Extrusion Press Extruder Type

Extrusion Press Extruder type

Extruder in the aluminum extrusion machine, which is one of the types of extruder, but also one of the products on the site, so its understanding and understanding, it can be said is imperative. Moreover, it is for us, but also can benefit from, to understand the different types of extruder. So the next, may wish to have been based on the front, continue to go on, so that you can also achieve the above objectives.

1. Aluminum extruder tonnage size, how to know?

    Aluminum extruder tonnage size, you want to know, you can see the extruder squeeze the beam on the label, or the initial interface of the console, the above will have a corresponding description. However, we need to know is that even the same type of aluminum extrusion machine, which is also able to squeeze different specifications of the cast rod, and not just can only be one.

    2. What are the common problems with aluminum extruders during use? In addition, its price, mainly with what?

    Aluminum extruder, in the course of its use, often the problems that arise, there is a sudden stop running, as well as some mechanical or other aspects of the fault, so in these two, we should pay attention, can not be taken lightly. In addition, the price of this kind of extruder, in general, mainly with the manufacturer, specifications, models, and the use of requirements, so, should be taken into account, there can be no omissions.

    3. Aluminum extrusion machine in the heating pipe, which is easy to damage the reasons, what?

    Aluminum extrusion machine in the heating pipe, if it is easy to damage, then the specific reasons, mainly in the following few: First, the heating tube material selection is not appropriate, or material quality is not qualified; Second, the heating In the process of production, there is a problem with the production process, or its design is improper, such as the pipe wall is too thin; the third is the heating pipe and the gap between the mold is too large, resulting in its dry and damaged.

 On the extrusion machine this machine equipment, I believe that through the previous study, we can come to gradually understand and understand the machinery and equipment, at the same time, you can also continue to increase their knowledge in this area. So, since we are good for all of us, then, may wish to continue to go on, so that you can also promote the product learning process, and then, so that we continue to have a new harvest.

1. Is the cylinder standard in the extruder, is there a corresponding standard?

    Extruder in the cylinder, its size, both the corresponding standard size, there are some non-standard size. In the standard size, there are 600 * 618,440 * 260 and 440 * 318 of the three, and in the non-standard size, there are many, so, in general, its size, there are many.