Extrusion Press Extrusion Speed Too Fast

Extrusion Press Extrusion speed too fast

Extruder specific types, and the site products and keywords related to the aluminum and copper profile extruder are two, but the following, mainly to introduce one of them, because the article is limited. Therefore, at this specific request, will be for one of the copper profile extruder, to start and carry out its learning work, but also hope that we can gain some, rather than waste such a good learning opportunities.

    1. Copper profile extruder, if the hydraulic system failure problem, then, whether there will be serious consequences or impact?

    Copper Extrusion Machine This kind of extruder, its hydraulic system, if there is a problem of failure, then, if not dealt with in a timely manner, it will cause serious consequences, or have a great impact, for example, so that the hopper down Slow down, and even make the machine can not work and use. So, we should pay attention, can not be taken lightly.

    2. Is there an extruder that can and can squeeze the copper profile and squeeze the aluminum profile? In addition, extrusion machine extrusion speed too fast, what is the reason?

    There is a squeeze can not only squeeze the copper profile, but also can squeeze the aluminum extrusion machine, we will be the two extruder called copper aluminum extrusion machine, which is a variety of uses. The extruder extrusion speed too fast, the main reason is because the plunger pump flow is too small, and has nothing to do with the valve. Moreover, this also applies to copper profile extruders.

    3. With copper profile extruder production profiles, then, in the type of profiles, whether it is a single?

    With the copper profile extruder production profiles, then, in the type of profiles, it is not a single, so, on this issue, it can be said that the answer is not. Because the profile can be both hollow and solid. Moreover, the hollow profile, which refers to the cross section of the profile has one or more closed through-hole profiles. Solid profile, which is not closed through the hole.