Extrusion Press Industrial Field

Extrusion Press Industrial field

In general, we can divide the extruder into metal and plastic extruders, which are used in different industrial fields. The following simple to introduce the relevant knowledge of the next extruder.

Metal Extruder is the most important equipment to achieve metal extrusion. Metal extrusion is an important method of metal plastic pressure forming. Its important feature is the metal billet once processed into tubes, rods, profiles completed in the twinkling of an eye, almost no other way to match. Beautiful, elegant building decoration materials; flying over continents, ocean airplane; let the human exploration outer space spacecraft and space station; railway, subway, light rail, maglev train, ship speedboat and other fields used in the backbone material, almost Are closely related to extrusion processing.

Copper Extruder

Applicable to extruded brass and copper alloy pipe, rod, row, wire and other products.

Machine characteristics

1. The whole structure is four-column horizontal, the tank is set. With a new structure, neatly arranged, easy maintenance and so on.

2. The activities of the beam with four-point positioning, center adjustable, reasonable tooling design can greatly reduce production costs.

3. Can be set to different extrusion process, the use of moving and fixed needle extrusion of different diameter pipe.

4. Hydraulic parts with large flow cartridge valve system, sealing performance, low temperature rise.

5. Electric parts using PLC products, reliable and sensitive.

Regardless of the type of extruder, they must include the following five main components: the feeding mechanism, the screw and its transmission mechanism, the inner tank shell (commonly known as the screw), the flow resistance device (known as the head ), And a material cut-off device (also known as a cut-off mechanism). Any machinery in the course of the operation will inevitably have the production process to ensure the integrity of the operation, then the aluminum production process is what?

1, casting is the first aluminum production process.

The main process is:

(1) Ingredients: According to the need to produce the specific alloy grades, calculate the amount of various alloy composition, with a reasonable variety of raw materials.

(2) smelting: with a good raw materials according to the process requirements to join the melting furnace melting, and by degassing, slag refining means of the melt within the slag, the gas effectively removed.

(3) casting: smelting aluminum liquid in a certain casting process conditions, through the deep well casting system, cooling cast into a variety of round cast rods.