Extrusion Press Processing Methods

Extrusion Press Processing methods

Extrusion machine equipment processing technology has obvious advantages, if you can make good use of its advantages, and to improve the inadequacies of the extruder equipment, extrusion production accuracy will be higher, its scope of application will be further expanded The

On the one hand, extrusion machine equipment processing technology has more than the rolling and other processing methods more intense three-way compressive stress, making the plasticity of the metal can be fully exploited. For some of the use of rolling or forging and other methods difficult to process or even can not process the low plastic deformation of the material or complex cross-section profiles, etc., can be used for extrusion processing.

On the other hand, extruder equipment has greater flexibility, in other words, a squeeze device can produce a variety of varieties and specifications of the product, can produce a simple shape of the tube, rod, type, wire, Production of complex cross-section products. And the entire extrusion process is very convenient, only need to replace the process required by the mold can be in the same equipment on the shape, specifications and varieties of different products, and the work of the time is very short, time-consuming, high efficiency, suitable for In the production of small quantities and more varieties.

Extrusion machine equipment processing process, it is easy to achieve automation and continuous, especially with the development of electronic technology, electronic computer into the extrusion process management, extrusion production management, production process parameter control, quality control, etc. Plays an important role.

At present, most of the use of positive extrusion equipment is mainly composed of the master cylinder, the plate, the squeeze bar and other parts, where the master cylinder is a hydraulic device, hydraulic oil through the big piston pressure to the small piston and Push the squeeze bar and push the heated material into the squeeze bucket.

When the pressure in the extruder equipment reaches the exhaust pressure, the barrel is retracted and then retreated to the mold cavity. After the material pressure is reached, the extruding rod is advanced and the material in the barrel is fed into the mold shunt Hole, the material will slowly through the mold out of molding. Extruder is a commonly used processing equipment, it can be used to complete the extrusion of the workpiece, usually the probability of exposure is still very high. Through so many operational experience can be found, extrusion machine for the alloy material when the operation, prone to a bad phenomenon, professional point of view called anti-package. It appears to seriously reduce the quality of the workpiece molding, will bring no small loss for the enterprise, so still have to be overcome by certain means.

 1, under normal circumstances, the extrusion process can be successfully completed, and get the extruder, whether it is performance or quality standards, to provide customers with satisfactory products.

2, but several operations found that the extruder in the extrusion of alloy materials when the problem came, especially zinc-tin alloy material, showing the phenomenon of material in addition to anti-package.

3, after examination and analysis concluded that most of the problem is the use of extruder extrusion, the material interface is not handled, there are uneven phenomenon, which will lead to rods and rods when the metal material reverse packet.

4, many people think that this phenomenon is not serious, but in fact anti-package will follow the processing of the extrusion machine to a certain extent, if the situation is serious, squeeze the molding of the pieces will be disturbed, making the product quality decline.