Extrusion Press Use Different Bars

Extrusion Press Use different bars

In extrusion machine, the knowledge about the mechanical equipment and content, as well as the questions or questions, etc., are we want to learn and master the object, because is related with the extruding machine, so no one can be omitted. So, in the next few minutes, it's not too late to start and carry out the work, so that you can get a sense of the product through this article.

1. When the aluminum extruder is used for a long time, it will have aluminum shavings on the end surface mould and the extrusion gasket. How to deal with it? What is the relationship between the alloy impurities and the squeezing speed?

Aluminum extrusion press with long time later, in the end the mould and the dummy blocks appear fine aluminium crumbs, so is can daub on which the proper demoulding oil, so as to avoid the problem. It should be noted, however, that the amount of oil cannot be overused to prevent it from entering the equipment and contaminating the material.

As for the relationship between alloy impurities and extrusion speed, it is proportional relation, that is, alloy impurities are higher, so the extrusion speed can be faster and vice versa.

2. What are the main sources of extruder production? What is it about?

For extruder production, generally speaking, it is different for extruder mould, so the output must be different. If the aluminum extruder is extruded, then the larger the wall thickness of the aluminum profile, the higher the output of the equipment. In addition, in this type of extruder, it is also important to note that the use of different rods can also be affected by the production of the extruder because of the relationship between extruder production and raw materials.

3. For the aluminum material of heat deformation, what is the normal production process? What are the advantages of the forward extrusion of the extruder?

Hot deformation aluminum is produced when the extruder is extruded by extruding machine, so it is usually carried out by the process of forward thermal deformation extrusion. The main advantages of the extrusion machine are simple process, low requirements, flexible production and wide range of production. In addition, the mould used is easy to maintain and maintain.