Extrusion Press Working Position

Extrusion Press Working position

Extrusion machine in the reverse double-extrusion machine, which is also a squeeze machine, at the same time, but also one of the products, so in the learning requirements, but also to be taken seriously, in order to familiar with and understand this kind Extruder. So, based on this requirement, the following, may wish to proceed, good savings everyone's learning time, thus, to broaden our knowledge.

  1. Reverse double-action extruder, which belongs to double-action extruder? Double acting extruder, what is its principle?

    Reversing double-acting extruders, which are part of a double-acting extruder, and which are different from single-action extruders, so that they can not be confused. The principle of double-action extruder, which is:

    When the master cylinder in the extruder is advanced to the working position, it is hollowed through the center of the aluminum rod through the centering cylinder. Thus, the mold and the hearth are combined into a tube-shaped mold so that the aluminum rod can be finished when it is extruded from the gap between the die and the hearth.

    2. Reverse double-action extruder, which can be aluminum extrusion machine?

    Reverse double-action extruder, which can be an aluminum extrusion machine, because these two extruders are classified from different angles, there is no conflict and contradiction between them, the former is from the extrusion method To classify, the latter is from the extrusion material to classify, so, will have the above conclusions. And, in the aluminum extrusion machine, there are single and double action of the points.

1. Extrusion machine in the aluminum extrusion machine, know its specific tonnage, then, further, can you know what?

Extruder, aluminum extrusion machine, which is a very common and commonly used one. Thus, knowing its specific tonnage, then, further, it is possible to know the type of the extruder, and the size of the profile that it can squeeze. Moreover, in the diameter of the aluminum rod, the greater the tonnage of the extruder, the greater the diameter, is proportional to the relationship.

2. In the extruder, what work is necessary to be carried out? As well as, 300T extruder, in the extrusion bar length, the upper limit can be achieved?

In the extruder, its daily maintenance, it can be said that the daily care of the extruder is sure to do it, because it is the guarantee of its service life. In addition, in the mechanical, to keep clean and clean, can not have dust and impurities. As for the 300T extruder, in the extrusion rod length, the upper limit can reach 1200mm or so, but the specific, but also depends on the cross-sectional area of the material, from it to decide.