Extrusion Profiles Squeeze Principle

Extrusion Profiles Squeeze principle

First, the principle of aluminum extrusion

    Aluminum Extrusion is a plastic processing method in which an external force is applied to a metal blank placed in a container (extrusion cylinder) to flow out of a specific die orifice to obtain the desired cross-sectional shape and size.

Second, the composition of aluminum extrusion machine

    Aluminum extrusion machine from the base, the former column, column, extrusion cylinder, electrical control under the hydraulic system, and the other with a mold seat, thimble, scale plate, skateboard and so on.

Third, the classification of aluminum extrusion method

    According to the types of aluminum metal extrusion cylinder, stress and strain state, aluminum extrusion direction, lubrication state, extrusion temperature, extrusion speed, the type or structure of molds, the type or number of blanks, (Including the plane deformation extrusion, axisymmetric deformation extrusion, the general three-dimensional deformation extrusion) lateral extrusion method, glass lubrication extrusion Law, hydrostatic extrusion, continuous extrusion and so on.

Four, positive thermal deformation extrusion

    The vast majority of hot-deformed aluminum producers use positive thermal deformation extrusion methods to obtain aluminum profiles with specific cross-sectional shapes through specific molds (flat molds, taper molds, shunt modules). The only aluminum production method!

    Positive extrusion process is simple, the equipment is not demanding, the metal deformation ability is high, the production range is wide, the aluminum material is controllable, the production flexibility is big, the mold is easy to maintain and correct. The metal, like other materials, softens or even becomes liquid at a certain temperature. Aluminum alloy in the softening (about 400 degrees Celsius) can easily change the shape, the term called lattice slip. Its status is like a variety of cream in the birthday cake above the same. Of course, need a certain squeeze pressure or not. Need to squeeze into what shape to do what kind of mold.

The working principle of the aluminum extrusion machine is simply a principle of physical deformation. The aluminum rod is heated to about 450 ° C using ancillary equipment such as an electromagnetic heating furnace or a coil induction heating furnace. And then squeezed through the extruder, extruder principle for the extrusion tube device heating a good aluminum rod, one end is the propulsion output of the extrusion bar, the other end is the corresponding mold, the pressure in the hydraulic system pressure Output, the aluminum rod to the direction of the mold, aluminum rods after high temperature physical deformation from the mold mouth after the corresponding aluminum into the corresponding, after the cooling, sawing the next step in the process. Squeeze when the only move only the master cylinder in the move, double action is the master cylinder and Sheng Dong barrel to start double motive machine is generally used to squeeze the seamless tube, single press squeeze when the master cylinder forward, by squeezing the cake to aluminum Pressed to the mold, thus forming. Double action is in the master cylinder forward to reach the work into the position, the master cylinder through the heart of the cylinder shot in the middle of the aluminum rod labeled as empty, through the heart cylinder to reach the mold position, the mold is empty a circle, through the heart cylinder to reach the mold, Mold and through the heart of the cylinder will be the synthesis of a tube-type mold, and then through the master cylinder into the aluminum rod from the mold and through the heart of the cylinder out of the squeeze, so squeezed out of the profile can be achieved seamless. The tube extruded with a single motive is sewn. With the instrument can be verified out.