Hard Alloy Extrusion Press Extrusion Mechanism

Hard Alloy Extrusion Press Extrusion mechanism

Carbide Extrusion Technology - Double Screw Hole

Carbide double screw hole rod extrusion mechanism: With the continuous development of the machining industry, high-speed milling tools and tool processing accuracy and the use of a higher period; due to drilling high temperature materials, plastic deformation resistance, The cutting force of the drill bit is large, the unit pressure of the drill edge and the cutting contact is also large, the friction coefficient is high; the cutting heat is also high, and the thermal conductivity of the alloy is low, the cutting edge is quickly welded and the coating is peeled off Blunt; high temperature increases the wear and tear of the bit material, is the bit material brittle, alloy composition and material composition to produce enhanced phase; with the birth of the spiral hole rod coolant, a large extent to inhibit the tool in high-speed work, Increased heat caused by the early wear in the tool wear failure, effectively improve the processing accuracy and extend the tool life. The so-called internal screw hole rod, that is, along the edge of the helical tool blade into a spiral cooling hole, the tool work, the hole through the cooling fluid, to reduce the role of processing temperature; cooling hole angle and drill bit edge angle synchronization, the current The more common are 45º, 30º and 15º; the maximum number of conventional tools with helical cooling holes is 30º. Cooling hole spacing and aperture design is also more important, aperture spacing is too small, the cooling effect is not ideal; aperture spacing is too large, the tool edge is too thin, small strength, easy to break.

The so-called 30 ° helix angle refers to the angle of the cutting edge of the tool edge, not the angle of the cooling hole. Hole spacing according to the tool design to take the most suitable distance; pitch according to the actual requirements of the tool design, as shown in Figure: set the length of the thread axis Y, pitch X, thread angle α, tgα = Y / X; The diameter of the cooling hole is 0.4 ± 0.2mm, the hole pitch C is 4.8 ± 0.2mm, the blank spiral angle α is 30 °, tgα = 0.57735, the circumference = 10 * 3.14 = 31.4 Pitch = 31.4 / 0.57735 = 54.386. Tolerance range: that pitch should be 53.33-55.52mm. The spiral angle of the cooling hole should be between 17.355º and 19.47ºmm. Similarly, the parameters of 45º, 15º double screw hole can be used. At present, the world's double screw hole rod production technology there are two: external spiral extrusion and internal spiral extrusion method. The so-called external spiral extrusion method is in the mold design and manufacturing, the use of the mold die with a rib groove, forced out of the fluid material to change, to squeeze out the way the material; cooling hole rod manufacturing and The direction and direction of the rotation of the ribs of the mold die must be synchronized with the twist angle and direction of the mandrel, otherwise it will result in the rotation of the mold groove in the direction of rotation. The geometry of the product parameters of ultra-poor, and even possible cooling holes and hole cracks. This technology on the mold design requirements are more complex, squeeze the basic and ordinary extrusion method is not much difference; is the use of more and more at home and abroad a squeeze technology.