Hard Alloy Extrusion Press Powerful Mechanical Force

Hard Alloy Extrusion Press Powerful mechanical force

What are the products included in the extruder?

We often say that the extruder actually represents two different types of products, one is the metal extrusion machine, there is a plastic extruder, in different industrial areas play an important role. And they are able to make the workpiece molding, is the use of metal, plastic and other materials with the plastic pressure forming characteristics.

In addition to the current rolling, forging, drawing, etc. to produce a variety of metal products, the extrusion is also a good choice, it is through a strong mechanical force will be processed billet from the die hole A certain shape of the metal products, and in accordance with the metal processing temperature is divided into different cold extrusion and hot extrusion.

The metal extrusion machine is one of the most important equipment to achieve this process, it can be the biggest feature of the metal billet can be quickly processed into a tube, rods, profiles. Of course, plastic extruders also have such characteristics.

First check the industrial aluminum extrusion machine hydraulic system is leaking oil, air pressure is normal; at the same time check the conveyor belt, cooling bed, storage station and other auxiliary devices are damaged and abrasion profile, which is to ensure that aluminum The surface of the profile is well grounded.

 Second, according to the shape of aluminum to confirm the clamping method, large section of hollow profiles, can be inserted into the tensile pad, but to try to ensure adequate clamping area. And the length of the aluminum material is confirmed before stretching, and the elongation is predetermined and the tensile length is determined.

Generally, when the aluminum profile is cooled to below 50 ° C, it is possible to use the industrial aluminum extruder to stretch the profile. When the profile is bent and twisted at the same time, it should be corrected before the twist is bent and the state is restored. To continue processing.

For industrial aluminum extruders, the first and second aluminum profiles are intended to be tested in order to confirm that the intended elongation and clamping method are suitable. At the same time need to visually bend, twist, check the profile of the plane gap, flaring, parallel port, if not appropriate to adjust the elongation.

If the normal stretch rate or can not eliminate the bending, twisting, or can not make the geometry of qualified, should inform the operator to stop the extrusion of industrial aluminum extrusion machine. Mention can further improve the quality of processing, cooling table profiles can not friction with each other, collision, overlapping stacking, to prevent sparks。