Hard Alloy Extrusion Press Resistance To Deformation

Hard Alloy Extrusion Press Resistance to deformation

Extrusion press the copper machine is a kind of aluminum profile extrusion, it seems all of us, it is focus on the object, because it is one of the website products and keywords, is our one of the effective ways to familiar with the site and the manufacturer, so will do so. Therefore, in order to achieve the above objectives as soon as possible, we will continue to carry on the study and work on the previous basis, and we hope that we can gain and enlighten effectively.

1. Profile of copper extruded extruder, which is better in calculating length method? In addition, the extruder has the hardness and the uniform standard.

Copper profiles of profile extrusion machine, if shall be calculated on its length, so, a better method, is to calculate the length of the bar, because it has both reduce waste and save cost. However, the hardness of the compressive machine is not uniform standard, which is generally determined according to industry experience.

2. The temperature of the motor in the copper extruded extruder is higher, is it normal? What specialized knowledge should be possessed by the extrusion machine?

The motor copper profile extrusion machine, and the temperature rise in the process of extrusion machine running, this is normal phenomenon, because, in the operation process, definitely will have heat generated, so definitely will change in the temperature, it can't be always the same. The repair of the extruder should have the professional knowledge, at least, should have basic mechanical knowledge and hydraulic knowledge, in addition, may need to have some other knowledge.

3. Performance requirements of copper and copper alloys under extrusion temperature, what are they? How should it be determined in the range of extrusion temperature in the copper extruder?

Copper and copper alloy are required to have good deformation resistance and plasticity in the extrusion temperature. Otherwise, it will affect the squeezing effect. In the copper extruding machine, the extrusion temperature is determined mainly by the material performance and the actual production situation, because it is determined by them.