Metal Extrusion Machine Cooling Device

Metal Extrusion Machine Cooling device

Twin-screw extruder cooling device: the cooling method of the barrel can be air-cooled and water-cooled, air-cooled method is to use electric fans to blow the barrel need to cool the site, so that the cold air to take part of the barrel heat to achieve barrel cooling purpose. Air-cooled barrel is characterized by slow barrel cooling speed. The barrel is cooled by circulating water to cool faster, but it is easy to clog for a long time. Therefore, if water cooling is used, the treated softened water should be used. Twin screw extruder using a practical new type of cooling device, the effective control of the cylinder temperature, the normal operation of the equipment to provide a reliable guarantee. The cooling device of the twin-screw extruder comprises a jacket which is provided on the outer wall of the cylinder of the twin-screw extruder, wherein the inlet and the outlet are arranged on the jacket, and the heat exchange tank, the water inlet and the outlet Respectively, through the pipeline and the heat transfer pool connected to the hot water pool and cooling tower connected to the pipeline is also equipped with heat sink. The advantage is that the use of thermal oil circulation cooling, the noise is very small, the cooling capacity can also meet the requirements of large-scale extruder, and will not cause quenching, will not disturb the steady flow of plastic, water is also easy to produce scale plug the pipeline.

   The twin screw extruder is an important machine for extrusion industry. Although the production of twin-screw factories and enterprises caught a lot, but it is certain that in the mechanical parts, only the twin-screw this device is the most widely used.

    Twin-screw twin-screw granulator application value gradually important, more and more deeply rooted, for people's attention. In daily life, many people require the use of twin-screw extruder, because this machine can produce some of the best and powerful twin-screw. With the production needs and technological progress, the quality of double-screw more stringent requirements, if not the emergence of twin-screw extruder, really can meet the needs of life twin screw is really difficult to play to the proper role, to life and Work to bring convenience.

    In practice, some of the basic properties of twin screws are a clear specification, but the specification will depend on the twin screw extruder. So, no matter what kind of people, of course, their hearts get some good twin screw, very eager, the quality of the twin screw is handled only through the twin screw extruder to achieve. In the number of customers, now people's point of view at the same time, the quality of high-quality twin screw to determine the quality of the batch of products, but also determine the extent of the sale of these goods.

In the twin screw extruder, the twin screw quality to provide the necessary protection, to the production and work needs to bring greater satisfaction.

Similar to the single-screw extrusion process, the twin-screw extrusion process can also be divided into three stages: feed and solid, melt and melt. But the twin-screw extruder works with a single screw extruder is completely different. On the one hand, the twin-screw extruder is for positive delivery, forcing the material forward. On the other hand, the twin-screw extruder has a strong shearing effect on the material at the meshing of the two screws, increasing the mixing and plasticizing effect of the material.