Metal Extrusion Machine Extrusion Molding

Metal Extrusion Machine Extrusion molding

Extruder is a commonly used processing equipment, it can be used to complete the extrusion of the workpiece, usually the chance of exposure is still high. Through so many operational experience can be found, the extruder for the alloy material operations, prone to a bad phenomenon, professional point of view is called anti-package. Its appearance seriously reduces the forming quality of the workpiece, which will bring considerable loss to the enterprise, so it must be overcome by certain means.

1, under normal circumstances, the operation of the extruder can be successfully completed, and the resulting extrusion whether performance or quality standards can be achieved, to provide customers with satisfactory products.

2, but after several operations found that the extruder extrusion alloy material in the time to come, especially the zinc-tin alloy material, showing the phenomenon of the material in turn.

3, after examination and analysis concluded that the majority of this problem is the use of extrusion press, the material interface is not handled, there is uneven phenomenon, which will lead to bar and bar when the metal material package turn.

4, many people think that this phenomenon is not serious, but in fact the package will have some impact on the subsequent processing of the extruder, if the situation is serious, the extrusion molding will be disturbed, making the product quality decline.

5, in order to prevent the above-mentioned turn-up problem, in addition to select a suitable extruder, it is best to configure a cutting machine, the purpose is to cast the head of each bar on the bar Cut the head. The reason why so much is to make the interface at a horizontal line, thereby reducing the occurrence of anti-package.

Second, temperature control is critical to extrusion operations, especially die temperatures, which require temperatures slightly higher than those of extruded dies, in order to meet process requirements.

7, interface, temperature and other issues to be solved, the other is to pay attention to the qualifying speed, it should be in accordance with the mold, the outlet line, diameter and working pressure and other parameters as a basis to adjust the out of the most appropriate speed to promote the extruder run.

These questions are all about the problems that the extruder is prone to when facing the alloy materials, the reasons and the specific solutions. If we can operate strictly according to the related methods, then we believe the possibility of the problems will be greatly reduced, resulting in The adverse effects will be reduced to ensure that the extruder can always maintain a good working condition. Aluminum extrusion machine is the production of aluminum one of the important equipment, this machine must be fully prepared before work, otherwise it may hinder its normal operation. And when the aluminum extrusion machine operation and use of the process, should also be proficient in the operation of the various steps.

In the use of aluminum extrusion machine, you must first open the valve between the filling valve and the fuel tank, and in the fuel tank sufficient injection of adequate viscosity and anti-wear hydraulic oil, while requiring the oil temperature to maintain the normal use of the range, the highest not Exceeds 55 ℃, high and low oil temperature is unfavorable to the equipment.