Metal Extrusion Machine Extrusion Technology

Metal Extrusion Machine Extrusion technology

Metal extrusion began in 1797, the British Bulman applied for a patent, the patent design of the world's first liquid lead pipe extrusion mechanical extruder. In 1820, Boone designed and manufactured a hydraulic extruder, which for the first time truly applied the hydraulic system to lead pipe extrusion. This extruder has a basic component of a modern pipe extruder, such as an extrusion cylinder, a squeeze shaft with a squeeze gasket, a perforated needle that is screwed to the extrusion shaft, and an extrusion die that can be replaced. In 1863, the British on the production of lead pipe extrusion system, he will be pre-cast metal into the billet, rather than the lead poured into the container (barrel), thus saving the time to wait for lead cooling and solidification, So that extrusion technology forward a big step forward. In 1870, the British Haines invented the reverse extrusion method to produce lead pipes. In 1879, the French and the Germans have developed a lead-coated cable production method, the use of extrusion extrusion of the cable. In 1893, the British invented the hydrostatic extrusion method, this extrusion until the 1950s began to be practical. In 1894 the British Dick began experimenting with hot extrusion experiments, and he realized that the method of squeezing lead could not be applied to extruded steel and copper alloys because copper needed a higher extrusion temperature and that copper had greater deformation resistance , Which employs a steel rod having a diameter of 19 nun and a length of 870 mm with a blank having a diameter of about 50 nun by means of a hot extrusion method and patented (Patent No. 83388), and its operating principle and modern extrusion Machine is basically the same. 1903, on the copper and brass seamless extrusion technology developed. Germany's two companies together

Patent application (patent number 167392) .19909 According to this patent, the company has installed a Mumbler extrusion equipment, the extruder is equipped with a free movement of the extrusion shaft and perforation, and the use of built-in Type perforation system to improve the concentricity of pipe extrusion. This extrusion can be made of liquid metal can also be used to produce billet, was the extrusion equipment manufacturing industry leader. At that time the entire European copper processing industry began to have the idea of extrusion deformation, only the two German equipment manufacturers reached a peak, the production of dozens of sets of equipment, extrusion molding greatly improved the quality of brass processing products, stick Material has a smooth surface, extrusion technology has become an important means of producing copper. 1910 appeared aluminum extrusion machine. In 1921 the British Keith Germany through the experiment published the results of reverse extrusion. In 1927 the world appeared in the mobile extrusion cylinder, and the use of electric induction heating technology. In 1942 invented the glass lubricant, promoted the development of hot extrusion of steel.