Metal Extrusion Machine For Pressure Processing

Metal Extrusion Machine For pressure processing

For the different types of extruders, both the previously mentioned aluminum extruder and copper profile extruder, there are other types. However, from the general point of view, its aluminum extrusion machine and copper extrusion machine, or in the range of metal extrusion machine, so the following, through some specific aspects, we have a good understanding of the metal extrusion machine An extruder.

        Metal extrusion machine, which is simple to summarize, it is a use of metal shaping forming principle, to carry out the pressure processing machinery and equipment. By the pressing operation, the metal ingot can be machined into a profile having a certain shape, and it can be formed at once. Therefore, its metal extrusion, is one of the main equipment.

        1. Classification of metal extruders

        For metal extruders, they are classified according to species, according to different standards, there are different classification.

        According to the processing materials to point, this extruder can be divided into stainless steel extruder, alloy extruder and so on.

        According to the processing technology to point, the metal extrusion machine has two kinds of cold extruder and hot extruder.

        Press the pressure to sub-points, which can be divided into light and heavy these two. In addition, there are vertical and horizontal points.

        2. Key technology of metal extruder

        In the metal extrusion machine, its key technology, mainly for the extruder frame design, force analysis design, mold design and manufacturing, as well as extruder process, transmission and control system, etc. These are also Including, can not have any omission.

        3. Application of metal extrusion machine

       For metal extrusion machine, its use of metal extrusion technology, is the advantages of high efficiency, low consumption, and can achieve no chip processing. Therefore, its in the machinery, light industry, electrical and automotive industries and fields, is widely used. And, from the current view, its development prospects are very good. In addition, this technology is also an advanced manufacturing technology.

1. After prolonged use of the extruder, the barrel end face, as well as squeeze the gasket on more or less there will be some impurities, etc., should be promptly cleaned, to avoid the machine into the internal, resulting in problems.

2. When the mold is removed, it should be its model, serial number, use, etc. recorded, and see if there are defects and so on.

3. According to the extrusion object, to set the matching squeeze speed, make it suitable.

4. Machine outlet temperature, should be guaranteed within a certain range, so as to be able to control the mechanical properties.

5. When the extruder is running, the operator will check the temperature of the ingot from time to time to see if the temperature change is normal. There is squeezing pressure, is also the same requirements. There are exceptions, should be dealt with in a timely manner.