Metal Extrusion Machine Independent Control Area

Metal Extrusion Machine Independent control area

Brief Introduction to Mold Processing Method for Extrusion of Metal Extruder

If we want to produce aluminum, we can not only use aluminum extrusion machine to operate, but also through supporting the use of aluminum extrusion die to operate.

Mold mold cavity from the combination of mold, the two high precision, complex structure. In order to produce a reliable extruded profile mold, we must be in accordance with the standard production standards.

1. Due to the high hardness of the extruder mold material used in the metal extrusion press, the cutting tool should be selected when the mold starts roughing, and the cutting allowance should be selected. There is room for finishing. Note that the speed of turning and chip breaker with reasonable to achieve chip breaking effect.

2. The use of milling machine processing metal extrusion press die mold core and diversion hole, with a universal tool milling cutter is best to do a molding process, the core of the root and the diversion hole plane intersecting line smooth connection, smooth surface, Eliminate the stress concentration point of the machined surface and enhance the resistance of the mold.

3. Often the use of EDM metal extrusion machine extrusion die with the working belt and model, high current, wide pulse roughing work belt, small current, narrow pulse finishing core, work belt to improve accuracy.

4. The use of wire cutting mold under the mold hole, the cutting process to maintain stability, to prevent cutting off the mold caused by the transition is not smooth.

5. Metal extrusion machine extrusion die is completed, it is necessary to improve the toughness of heat treatment, usually with carbon dioxide protection placed in the heating box heating.

Metal extrusion machine after the machine is divided into three independent control area,

1, cold saw control area, including cold saw, conveyor roller, saw the front roller, saw the roller, the length of equipment, length roller, sawdust collection, inspection platform.

2, hot saw control area, including water quenching, discharge table, follow the hot saw, the transition roller, the material roller, traction machine, cooling bed, transfer material, sawdust collection.

3, pull the torsion control area by the twist up and down the material device, pull the twisting straightening machine, the transition station, the storage station composition.

In order to make the metal extrusion machine production work smoothly, but also to prevent damage to the equipment, we must comply with the operation of metal extrusion machine specifications to operate to extend the service life of the extruder.

1. Metal extrusion machine for a long time, will be in the mold end, barrel end and extrusion pads on the aluminum scrap. You can apply a little on its top off the oil, but should avoid grease into the barrel or mold cavity, pollution profiles.

2. After removal of the mold, the inspection should record the type, serial number and use and defect location.