Metal Extrusion Machine Lasting Reliability

Metal Extrusion Machine Lasting reliability

First, the twin-screw extruder has a single-screw extruder extruder principle: solid transport melt booster and pumped blend stripping and de-evaporation, but not simply so.

From its extrusion process research is divided into three parts:

1, to clarify the two or more polymers and materials in the extrusion process of changes in the real situation, mixed shape, structural changes in the process, and the final mixture and function of the link.

2, as a twin-screw extruder, extrusion reaction process when the reaction process, speed, function and screw configuration, operating conditions between the intrinsic link, establish a model to guide the reaction molding extrusion.

The twin screw extruder has long lasting reliability

Century extrusion and the world's leading supplier of twin-screw transmission box to develop a high speed, high torque transmission box. In addition to high power, high safety factor, the century out of the gear box of the main bearing life of up to 50,000 hours. The extruder can be divided into single screw, twin screw and multi screw extruder according to its screw number. Although China's extruder shopping malls to carry out rapid, but the extruder export share is still low. Rising cost of material and power pressure pressure, so that energy saving, materials into the processing industry to pay attention to the main points. Together with the out of the skills suppliers can show, from a variety of different points of view to announce a wealth of energy-saving plan to maximize the satisfaction of the user's energy needs. Which had to lead us to the attention of the extruder shopping malls to carry out the status quo, and how to expand the shopping malls?

    Single screw extruder into the series development period

    Compared with other extruder, single screw extruder has the characteristics of simple structure, strong and durable, easy to repair, low price, simple operation and so on. There is still a long mall in our country for a long time. How to make the conventional single screw extruder Excellent, efficient, multi-functional, is still China's plastic industry to carry out the arduous mission.

    With the concerted efforts of the industry, some of the most important special models such as exhaust extruder, tandem mill screw extruder, reciprocating screw screw extruder, foam extruder, with melt gear pump Of the extruder, series multi-stage extruder, planetary screw extruder, etc. are produced in the country manufacturers, with the independent development of the ability and enjoy independent intellectual property rights, and now has entered a series of development period.

    The disc extruder is a suitable high-filling material mixing equipment. Twin-screw extruder for glass fiber reinforced compounding, if the glass content exceeds 45%, processing will become appropriate and difficult. Magnetic material of the magnetic powder content is generally as high as 60% to 70%, sometimes even up to 90%, with the general extruder for magnetic processing and granulation is almost impossible. Some domestic manufacturers and research institutes, according to the domestic magnetic information and other high-filling materials needs, dedicated research and development of independent planning of the disc extruder. Typical examples such as Beijing Fengji and Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The disc extruder can be adjusted by the combination of discs to accustomed to not as high as filling materials such as glass fiber reinforced, magnetic plastic, conductive materials, new ceramic materials such as extrusion processing.