Metal Extrusion Machine Operating Procedures

Metal Extrusion Machine Operating procedures

Operation Rules and Precautions for Metal Extruder

Start the process to analyze:

1. Before opening the aluminum extrusion machine to ensure that the equipment around the machine and no debris, oil.

2. Prepare the material according to the production request, according to the ratio request into the trough.

3. Check the power status, recognize the operation of the control cabinet is normal.

First, the industrial aluminum kneading machine host

Can be divided into the following few:

1. Transmission, kneading system, is by the main inverter control frequency control motor, through the gearbox distribution box, cross spline, step by step to the end of the screw, during which the inverter entered the program and parameter values, in the The equipment is now set to the end of the factory and can not be changed at will.

2. Heating, cooling system, is heated by the barrel cooling, die heating, screw core heating and cooling to form, by the electric cavity program to control, by the B & R temperature module with PID temperature control software to replace the traditional temperature control table, the system Can automatically optimize the parameters of the parameters during the heating process, after the end of the active assignment, can also be based on self-test has been manually assigned to the parameters of the PID parameters, the temperature control accuracy to ± ℃. The operating principle is given in the district heating section of a temperature value of 180 ℃, measured by the thermocouple data. Heating with the temperature gradually increased, the frequency of its heating gradually reduced, heating time is gradually shortened, when ≥ 180 ℃, the area began to cool, the fan began operations. (Cooling and air-cooled and oil-cooled two) when ≤ 180 ℃ and began to heat, cycle, and finally to balance. Core temperature cooling is the same reason, only its set temperature is low at 80 ℃ or so, and is through the heat transfer medium to heat, when the temperature ≤ 80 ℃ core temperature heating tube heating operation, through the pump cycle to the screw to supply heat, When the temperature ≥ 80 ℃ cooler water supply solenoid valve open, the oil cooler after cooling through the pump cycle to take away the remaining heat within the screw. Barrel two, three, four and core temperature in the active control of the foundation, and the other with a manual forced cooling function to control the instantaneous temperature increase.

3. Active feed system, is the time relay or level meter to transmit the signal control, when the material when the material level meter transmission signal, the system began to feed, for the material after the material level meter signal interruption, for material suspension.

4. Feeding system, but also by the inverter control frequency variable speed cycloid reducer to achieve, its share based on the speed of the host screw to conditioning, the host current and torque directly affected by the number of feeding, feeding less, the host Current and torque reduction. And vice versa. When the feed is too much, the actual current exceeds its rated current or torque beyond its set value when the main machine overload alarm stops, usually at 50% to 80% of the rated value.

5. Vacuum exhaust system is directly used to control the end of the vacuum pump, vacuum open when the solenoid valve open, closed when the solenoid valve is closed.

On the industrial aluminum extrusion machine products are their own design parameters, such as kneading the weight, kneading the volume, kneading metal, etc., not in the kneading operation beyond the design parameters of the product design.