Metal Extrusion Machine Positive Extrusion

Metal Extrusion Machine Positive extrusion

In the different types of extruders, both the product is a one for the aluminum extrusion machine, and it is also a common type of extruder, so it is necessary to understand and understand. Therefore, for this reason, the following, may wish to have been based on the previous, continue to introduce the description of the product, so that we can get some new knowledge, that is, to benefit from their own.

1. Is there a positive and reverse extrusion of aluminum extruder?

Extruder, which is a positive extrusion and reverse extrusion of the points, and aluminum extrusion machine, which is one of the extruder, so it is also a positive and reverse extrusion Two kinds of. Moreover, the finished product is not the same, so, at this point, we should have a correct understanding, can not be confused, and can not go wrong.

2. Is the die size corresponding to the aluminum extruder related to tonnage? In addition, the temperature of its heating furnace is generally how much?

The size of the mold corresponding to the aluminum extruder is related to the tonnage of the extruder, because the different size of the aluminum extruder, the corresponding mold size, is not the same. And its heating furnace temperature, in general, is in the range of 400 to 480 degrees.

3. Aluminum extrusion machine, its operation process, the temperature will be increased? As well as its production of profiles, in color, will there be any changes?

Aluminum extrusion machine, its operation in the process, the temperature will be elevated, this is a normal phenomenon, but we also have to pay attention to, if the temperature rise of abnormal, then, is the equipment There is a problem, this time, should be handled by professional maintenance personnel, rather than unauthorized handling, so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment.

 An extruder, which is typically an aluminum ingot, which, during the extrusion process, is faint in color due to the presence of some external factors, but the resulting finished aluminum Profiles, in color is no change, is to remain unchanged.