Metal Extrusion Machine Squeeze The Pressure

Metal Extrusion Machine Squeeze the pressure

The name of extruded aluminum extruder is derived from the extruding material of extruder, because the extruder can extrude aluminum profile, so it is called extruder. So, what are the key points of the aluminum extruding mold? Below, the aluminum extrusion machine manufacturer to solve the solution, to satisfy the user.

Aspect 1: materials

Because of aluminum extruder, the material is aluminum profile. In this material, it is mainly concerned with factors related to mold, equipment and extrusion process. In the flow velocity of aluminum, it is required that the velocity of each of its particle flow out of the die hole should be consistent so that it can have a good squeeze quality.

Aspect 2: extruder equipment

It is mainly aimed at the tonnage of the extruded aluminum extruder. The choice is usually based on the extrusion ratio. According to wuxi aluminum extruder manufacturer's practical experience for many years, the solid aluminum profile, the squeeze ratio of about 30 is suitable, the hollow aluminum profile is 45 more suitable.

Aspect 3: extrusion die

Dimensions: mainly refers to the diameter and thickness of the outside of the mould. The dimensions of the shape, the area, weight and strength of the sections are related factors.

There are some other kinds of extruder, such as aluminum extruder and copper extruder, etc. However, from the point of view in general, the aluminum profile extrusion machine, extrusion machine and copper in metal extrusion machine, within the scope of this so below, with some specific aspects, let's have a good meet metal extrusion machine is a kind of extrusion machine.

Metal extruder is a simple generalization, which is a kind of mechanical equipment which USES metal forming principle to process pressure. By extruding the metal billet can be processed into a shape of shape, and can be processed at one time. Therefore, it is one of the main equipment in the metal extrusion.

1. Classification of metal extruders

For metal extruding machines, they are classified according to different criteria according to different criteria.

The extruder can be divided into stainless steel extruder and alloy extrusion machine.

According to the processing technology, metal extruder has cold extrusion press and hot extrusion machine.

According to the pressure of extrusion, it can be divided into light and heavy. In addition, there are vertical and horizontal points.