Metal Extrusion Machine Use The Role Of Pressure

Metal Extrusion Machine Use the role of pressure

With the accelerated pace of technological development, the common component production model has been unable to meet people's needs, and through continuous innovation and practice, proved that the metal extrusion machine as a tool for the production of metal components in the market play a great effect.

Metal Extruders include copper profile extruders, aluminum extruders and other products, they are the role of pressure to change the shape of the metal, so that we meet the requirements. In this process, the pledge to use the media is water and electricity, so its environmental protection is a glimpse of the basic zero emissions.

In addition to environmental protection, the metal extruder compared to other equipment is more efficient, the utilization of the metal can basically be 100%, but the premise is that the metal is no other impurities. And it is far superior in performance to the use of other equipment produced by the components, not only because of its high production efficiency, but also because it is the use of mold to produce components, then as long as the replacement of the mold style can produce the Metal parts, so that metal extrusion machine to be fully utilized. Extruder in the work for people to bring convenience at the same time, as users have to strengthen its maintenance, the following is a small series of summary on the extruder maintenance and repair skills, we hope to master.

In terms of daily operations, it is necessary to timely care of the extruder, in particular, to maintain its cleanliness. When cleaning, the focus is on the filter of the pump, but also to protect the oil pump and the pump. No matter how good the suction pipe seal conditions, the pump has a certain suction situation, so they should pay special attention to the oil tank.

And equipment maintenance is to accumulate experience, so usually to observe the running state of the machine, often check the machine pressure and atmospheric pressure, the current side of the motor to use the three current protection motor normal operation, so as not to burn motor or motor Overload caused a sudden shutdown, to minimize the occurrence of failure.

Whether it is aluminum extrusion machine or copper profile extruder, belong to the metal extrusion machine they have a common place, that is, have adopted the design of the mother cylinder. Is a cylinder unable to meet the requirements of the operation of the extruder? What are the benefits of the use of the mother cylinder? The reason why the extruder configuration arm cylinder is certainly justified, this design is like the car's speed clutch, you can achieve stepless speed, the speed can be increased with the pressure and larger, reduce the pressure and reduce. Not only that, the two cylinders can effectively separate the no-load and the load, so that the extruder can speed up the running speed, so as to achieve efficiency and enhance the output value of the effect.

In addition to the above advantages, through the characteristics of the device itself, but also to avoid the squeeze out of the product size specifications uneven size of the phenomenon, greatly improving the quality of the product.