Soft Alloy Extrusion Press Important Features

Soft Alloy Extrusion Press Important features

Soft alloy extruder

The soft alloy extruder is the most important equipment for the realization of soft alloy extrusion. The alloying of soft alloy is an important method of plasticizing pressure forming of soft alloy. Its important feature is the soft alloy ingot a processing into a tube, bar, profile completed in the twinkling of an eye, almost no other way to match. Beautiful, elegant building decoration materials; flying over the continents, ocean aircraft; let the human exploration of outer space spacecraft and space station; railway, subway, light rail, maglev train vehicles, boats and other areas of the use of the backbone material, almost Are closely related to extrusion processing.

Copper Extruder

Copper extruder for extruded copper and copper alloy pipe, rod, row, wire and other products.

Machine characteristics

  1. The whole structure is four-column horizontal, the tank is set. With a new structure, neat arrangement, easy maintenance and so on.

  2. The activities of the beam with four-point positioning, center adjustable, reasonable tooling design can greatly reduce production costs.

 3. Can be set to different extrusion process, the use of moving and fixed needle extrusion of different diameter of the pipe.

 4. Hydraulic parts with large flow cartridge valve system, sealing performance, low temperature rise.

 5. Electric parts using PLC products, reliable and sensitive.

Plastic extruder

Structure and composition

No matter what type of extruder, they must include the following five main components: feeding mechanism, screw and its drive extruder core

(Known as screw), a flow stopper (known as a die), and a material cut-off device (also known as a cut-off mechanism).