Soft Alloy Extrusion Press Technical Parameters

Soft Alloy Extrusion Press Technical Parameters

Extrusion machine production capacity calculation

Extruder production capacity calculation, according to different conditions and technical parameters and different uses have different calculation methods, the calculated results are also very different, if only about the production capacity of the extruder or domestic inspection, foreign study , It is estimated that the ability to visit the factory extruder, do not require a very precise value, you can use the empirical method. The production capacity (t) of the extruder can be calculated by the following equation using Table 3-7-4.

Annual production capacity = Extrusion force of extruder × Calculation coefficient (t)

Such as 7.84 MN (880ust) Extrusion machine production capacity: annual production capacity (t) = 880 × 2.3 = 2024t

Experience estimation method error is large, targeted is not strong, just a general concept. Did not take into account the production conditions, only suitable for inspection or evaluation. [/ L] [L] If you want to accurately calculate the production capacity of an extruder, or as a factory design use, must use the technical parameters calculation method. First of all, according to the factory production status, to understand the following basis:

1) production conditions: the production of several classes, class work hours, year working days.

2) technical conditions: the production of major alloys, product variety, specifications, precision requirements.

3) Equipment conditions: the maximum squeeze squeeze force, the size of extruded cylinder diameter, extrusion speed and so on.

4) conditions of sale: business sales of products is an alloy of products, or there are several alloy products, the proportion of each of them.

According to the calculation basis, according to the following steps:

(1) Calculate production time / h

According to the production conditions to determine the annual working days, such as the national statutory holidays, the annual working days of 250 days, according to three shifts, 8 h class work, the annual production time asked:

Annual production time / h = 8 h / class × 3 classes × 250 days = 6000 h

(2) Calculate the hourly workload of production / h

According to the technical conditions and equipment conditions to determine the number of different alloys per hour production, because different alloy extrusion performance is different, different extruder extrusion and extrusion speed is different, the production efficiency is different. You can refer to the data selection in Table 3-7-5.

(3) Calculate the average mass of the ingot (kg / unit)

According to the equipment conditions to know the inner diameter and length of the extrusion cylinder, which can determine the ingot's external dimensions and maximum length, you can calculate the maximum quality of the ingot.

The average mass of the ingot of the soft alloy is equal to 0.7 to 0.85 of the maximum mass of the ingot. The average mass of the ingot of the hard alloy is equal to 0.5 to 0.7 of the maximum mass of the ingot.