Aluminium Manufacturer Supplying Extruded Anodised Wardrobe Profiles Aluminum

Aluminium Manufacturer Supplying Extruded Anodised Wardrobe Profiles Aluminum
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We are committed to opening up the field of extrusion press machineds, Direct Press, Metal Extrusion Machine and building a trustworthy brand in the hearts of customers with unremitting efforts and quality service! We've been honest and open up. Our company takes the good faith as the key link, takes the quality as the guarantee, takes the customer as the center, becomes the industry unceasingly enhances the product quality and the service level standard.

aluminum extrusion press machine 

Aluminum extrusion operation, the contents of which are:
(1) should be based on extruded object, etc., to set the appropriate extrusion speed.
(2) extrusion temperature, is also very important, so should control the temperature of the discharge port in order to control the mechanical properties.
(3) extruder during the extrusion process, the operator should pay attention to changes in its pressure. If the pressure is not normal, it should stop squeezing to avoid damage to the extruder.
(4) In order to ensure the quality of extrusion, the barrel and the die should be kept clean, can not have impurities.
(5) extruder barrel temperature should be maintained at 380-430 degrees.
(6) when the pressing operation, to check the gasket respond to avoid the problem.

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