China OEM High Pression Anodized Copper Heat Sink Aluminum Profile

China OEM High Pression Anodized Copper Heat Sink Aluminum Profile
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Here we solemnly promise that our extrusion pressds, extrusion of metals, Aluminium Extrusion Press and production process are in full compliance with relevant international and national laws and regulations. We believe that through cooperation and exchanges, companies can give play to the benefits of economies of scale and scope, and at the same time produce powerful spillover effects to drive the economic development of a certain region and even the entire country. And we're going to produce a dazzling future. Base upon the presence and look into the future, we will continue to increase our investment and strengthen the management system.


Our company could design and manufacture a series of copper extrusion presses according to European model and
Japan model,these extrusion pressed could be applicated in the following fields:
1. Cooling equipment
2. Power transmission etc .
1. According to extruding raw material , it could be devided into :
A , Aluminium profile extrusion press , B Copper extrusion press C Iron and steel extrusion press
D . Ti alloy extrusion press E . Mg alloy extrusion press
2. According to its extrusion mode , it could be devided into
A Direct extrusion press and indirect extrusion press
B Single action and double action extrusion press
Main specification:
1. Stress calculation with ANALYSIS software
2. Pump direct driveing and save power consumption
3. Enough pressure and strength on extrusion body
4.Main ram cylinder choose forging material , long lifetime and less leakage .
5. Adopt Siemens PLC control system ,
6. reserve enough communication interface

Our company, Weite Machinery, is one of the leading copper extrusion press manufacturers and suppliers in China. With over decades experience in this field, we can offer you high quality customized copper extrusion press service.

In the era of global economy, we insist on the excellent quality of all products and continue to develop diversified new series of China OEM High Pression Anodized Copper Heat Sink Aluminum Profile in order to make the enterprise sustainable. From competitive prices to excellent customer service, if you are looking for a business partner that embodies innovation, then we are synonymous with excellence! We have been searching ahead to even better cooperation with overseas buyers dependant on mutual benefits.
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