High Configuration Jh21-45ton C-Frame Pneumatic Power Press Machine

High Configuration Jh21-45ton C-Frame Pneumatic Power Press Machine
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We always adhere to the research and development of independent intellectual property products to manufacture Extrusion Profiles, aluminum extrusion profiles factory, Extruded Aluminum of the leading level in the industry. We implement strict requirements, organization, serious attitude discipline when dealing with work. As the saying goes: there is no off-season market, only single machine service . In today's fierce market competition environment, our company will continue to take 'positive, enterprising, innovative' as the company's business philosophy, and constantly move towards the direction of improving service awareness and truly achieve the integration of sales and service.

aluminum extrusion press machine 

Aluminum extrusion operation, the contents of which are:
(1) should be based on extruded object, etc., to set the appropriate extrusion speed.
(2) extrusion temperature, is also very important, so should control the temperature of the discharge port in order to control the mechanical properties.
(3) extruder during the extrusion process, the operator should pay attention to changes in its pressure. If the pressure is not normal, it should stop squeezing to avoid damage to the extruder.
(4) In order to ensure the quality of extrusion, the barrel and the die should be kept clean, can not have impurities.
(5) extruder barrel temperature should be maintained at 380-430 degrees.
(6) when the pressing operation, to check the gasket respond to avoid the problem.

Our company, Weite Machinery, is one of the leading aluminum extrusion press manufacturers and suppliers in China. With over decades experience in this field, we can offer you high quality customized aluminum extrusion press service.

Through the continuous efforts of all employees, we have created a series of High Configuration Jh21-45ton C-Frame Pneumatic Power Press Machine representing the highest level of the times and provided customers with mature and complete services. The company is constantly seeking out new technology and new technical solutions in order to improve the quality of its products and to offer its customers suitable solutions for their needs. Whatever you require, we should do our utmost to aid you.
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