Plastic HDPE Silicon Core Pipe Cable Duct Extruding|Extruder|Extrusion Making Machine

Plastic HDPE Silicon Core Pipe Cable Duct Extruding|Extruder|Extrusion Making Machine
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Our company adheres to relying on technological progress, adopting advanced technology and introducing advanced equipment, and is committed to the development of aluminum extrusion profiles, Tube Extrusion Press, Extruded Metal Machine. With a fully integrated operation system, our company has won a good fame for our high quality goods, reasonable prices and good services. Furthermore, the best and satisfaction service is a big surprise we give our clients!



1.Frame structure and outstanding rigidity. Its main function is to extrude final products from metal billets. This serie of machines has reached international advanced standard. 2. Adopt cartridge valve integrated system characterised by little impact, reliable action and long service as well as little leakage; enjoy automatic lubrication system of guide rail. (Such technology is introduced from Taiwan.) 

3.Mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration safety device. For example: lower chamber support for the oil cylinder, with the interlock circuit of upper and lower chambers, all offering perfect safety. (We introduced advanced Taiwan hydraulic technology.)
4.Two technics,namely,pressure setting and stroke(travel) setting are available. It is functioned by pressure maintaining and adjustable time delay.
5.Working pressure and stroke can be easily adjusted within a certain range according to technical needs.
6.Adopt PLC computer touch screen integrated control. There are 3 operation manners,adjust,manual and semi-automatic.

Our company, Weite Machinery, is one of the leading magnesium extrusion press manufacturers and suppliers in China. With over decades experience in this field, we can offer you high quality customized magnesium extrusion press service.

Our company's processes are complete and legal, and our Plastic HDPE Silicon Core Pipe Cable Duct Extruding|Extruder|Extrusion Making Machine is high quality and efficient at a reasonable price that has high buyback rate! We will march towards a higher and farther goal for the future. Our company has a long history of close cooperation with overseas countries, we implement local control management and share resources to ensure that the company has sufficient supply of goods to meet market demand.
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